Struggling to Understand an Over-Politicized Nation

I do not usually talk about politics, but I find myself in a precarious position today. Many issues we face as humans have somehow become political, when they are ethical, personal, or simply in regard to human survival. I believe these issues are; the arts, the environment, education, and health. We as a society seem … Continue reading Struggling to Understand an Over-Politicized Nation

Despite all of …

Despite all of the tremendous gains made in understanding our world, we remain constantly bridled by our inability to recognize the native talents and unexplained intuitions that challenge conventional wisdom. As a species, we resist growth, and the price we pay is the loss of love for our neighbor.


When I speak in pubic about autism, the question that continuously comes up, in many different phrases is "does my child with autism love me?"  It's a very difficult question for me to answer, because it saddens to me to think that parents feel unloved by their autistic children.  It saddens me more to think that a … Continue reading Stones