Barely Seen

There's something about restless nights late night visions and soul searching Full moons and planetary alliances paint crimson the outer rims of sleep Stumble aimless on the hills made of blisters from the burns of unkept promises and half loves but I never give up the journey On the very edge of reason is an … Continue reading Barely Seen

The Tiny Rowboat

Coexisting with my neurological roommate, autism. While traveling with friends this past week, I got to visit a lakeside park in Toronto.  We walked down a gravel path and onto a small beach that was nestled into a sheer rock cliff. The clean, crisp strength of the rock gently draws the eyes around the cove, … Continue reading The Tiny Rowboat

Inside a Meltdown with Autism.

I had a meltdown today.  This is what it is like for me. We often put autism on parade through television and social media, as we portray the meltdown as uncontrollable violent outbursts that endanger everyone around them.  Meltdowns happen to just about every autistic person, and is the term used to describe any kind of … Continue reading Inside a Meltdown with Autism.