Listen to My Voice

Listen to My Voice In an interview with NPR's A Closer Look, my son, Jacob, and I talk about living with autism. During our interview we talk about many aspects of our lives, but one theme is reoccurring - a sense of belonging.  Jacob and I both speak of not having a place to fit into … Continue reading Listen to My Voice

Not Autistic Enough

I have given at least 100 presentations on living with autism to crowds of all sizes.  My most requested presentation is entitled Let Me Fall.  I begin with a preview of a documentary made about me called The Shadow Listener, and then introduce myself as being autistic.   I talk about growing up with autism, … Continue reading Not Autistic Enough

The Tiny Rowboat

Coexisting with my neurological roommate, autism. While traveling with friends this past week, I got to visit a lakeside park in Toronto.  We walked down a gravel path and onto a small beach that was nestled into a sheer rock cliff. The clean, crisp strength of the rock gently draws the eyes around the cove, … Continue reading The Tiny Rowboat

Struggling to Understand an Over-Politicized Nation

I do not usually talk about politics, but I find myself in a precarious position today. Many issues we face as humans have somehow become political, when they are ethical, personal, or simply in regard to human survival. I believe these issues are; the arts, the environment, education, and health. We as a society seem … Continue reading Struggling to Understand an Over-Politicized Nation